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Requirement for studying in Europe

International student who wishes to become a scholar in the EU are expected to comply with the policies governing the EU for international immigrants.

Undergraduate requirements

Prospective students must meet certain criteria before applying for admission in the EU community, then after you can now apply for scholarships.

Undergraduate applicants must hold an upper secondary certificate results from your local country, with at least five credits or its equivalence judging from international standard.

Postgraduate application requirement

Before you can apply for a post graduate program in Europe, you must have at least obtained a or its equivalence in terms of first degree of at least 3.3CGPA.

Living expenses

Before you can be issued a visa to study, work and live in EU, there is a minimum amount to be presented at the embassy in your country, stating a good sum of cash balance in your travelers’ cheque. At the time of dating this info, the minimum amount to be deposited in your travelers cheque is estimated to be €17948.46


One cannot leave his/her home country to Europe without get a certificate of fitness from the consulate of the visitor’s home country. This exercise is supervised by the EU ambassadors present in the immigrant’s country of residence.

So for you to have no issues securing a visa to study in EU, you must meet all necessary requirements as regards to health issues. It is advised to personally check yourself regularly at least five months before your visit to the embassy.


You would need to provide an insurance proof obtained from the country to be visited before your stay is finalized. If you don’t have any insurance you would be guided by the visiting country to apply for insurances. (Health etc.)